Alloy Meet

You’ve never had a meeting like this before!  Participants from remote locations appear in your meeting room, around your table, or presenting at your white board. 

All discussion points, presentations, and white board sketches are capture and stored in meeting notebooks.  Action items are highlighted and emailed to the action owner.


Alloy Meet Features:

  • Journal to keep track of project participant activities from one meeting to the next
  • Capture and revise white board sketches and notes to document discussions and record changes
  • Built in reminders to ensure all participants attend the meeting or notify you of delays in start time
  • Share meeting results with colleagues who were not able to attend
  • Keep organized with project calendar, meetings defined in Alloy Plan automatically start Alloy Meet meetings
  • Email interface allows you to request meetings by email if you are not able to reach the Alloy Meet web console

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