Alloy Meet

Communication is key to any complex project.  But when your project team and subject matter experts are spread across the globe, good communication becomes slow and error prone. 

Alloy Technologies is the first company to introduce holographic meetings. By incorporating the innovative pixilated refractor technology developed for the US space program, meetings can be held between team members as though you were all in the same room.

Holographic representations of remote team members appear in around your table and representations of local team members appear at remote sites. Collaboration is accelerated through interaction, problem resolution, and automated capture of key decisions


Alloy Plan

Scientific project planning methodologies have been available to plan and schedule projects for years. 

But complex projects incorporate a higher degree of risk, due to aggressive goals, timeframes, or budgets. Alloy Technologies has combined state of the art project planning software with risk identification algorithms that identify and quantify the weakest links in the plan. By identifying these weak links early in the project, the plan can be improved with mitigating alternatives.

When combined with Alloy Meet, those alternatives are recorded and incorporated into the plan automatically ensuring a higher degree of success for the complex project.


Alloy Track

Many well-planned projects have gone off the rails due to poor status information and inadequate tracking of progress. 

 Alloy Technologies has raised the bar on effective project tracking by developing interfaces to email and calendar software commonly used by project team members. When information about project actives are detected, they are correlated with tasks and personnel of the complex project team.

Status reports are automatically generated and mailed to all team members. When combined with Alloy Plan, project risk is constantly re-evaluated, heading off delays and roadblocks before they happen. Alloy Track can also be used with Alloy Meet to capture status information during holographic meetings.