Here you can find information and registration forms on upcoming  events around US and Europe.


  • Alloy Prospect Launch Event

    Come join us in London, Stockholm or Chicago! Listen to our keynote speaker, Chris Hansson, a leader in the field of maximizing business efficiency. Participate in our informative workshops to see...

  • Configuring Status Reporting to Maximize Efficiency

    No one likes writing status reports, but everyone wants to see them. On completion of this training, you will be able to configure Alloy Track for all team members and define the reporting...

  • Risk Management in Complex Projects

    This advanced topic covers the theory behind risk management calculations.  On completion of this seminar, you will be prepared to measure and manage risk using Alloy Plan. Event registration

  • Managing Holographic Meetings

    It’s not rocket science to set up and manage a holographic meeting. Learn an organized process to keep meetings productive and simple for participants. Event registration

  • Collaboration Made Simple

    Learn the basics principles of collaboration with remote project team members, and how to improve the chances of success with your next complex project Event registration