Alloy Technologies puts rocket science in your hands, literally. Formed to help the US Space Program accomplish ultra-complex projects with against shrinking budgets and timeframes, you can now apply that power to your most complex business challenges. When combined with the mind-blowing experience of holographic meetings, your productivity can reach new heights.

Alloy improves the effectiveness of project teams by making communication easy and inexpensive, no matter where team members are located. Combined with planning and tracking tools, plus expert services from our partners means you can deliver quicker and at lower cost. Some of the most complex projects in the world (real rocket science) have been completed successfully, ahead of time and under budget with Alloy Technology.

The company was founded with the mission of taking advanced technology from the US Space Program and making it available to commercial business. Located in the high-tech city of Huntsville Alabama, Alloy Technologies is near the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Redstone Arsenal. From this vantage point, Alloy has grown steadily from founding in 2003 to serve thousands of customers in 12 countries.